SEO On-Page Factors That Helps You Position on Top

In today’s post we are going to give you the keys to improve the positioning of your website in the Google search engine through the Seo onpage. What you should do and what not to be happy about Google. What interests you, above all, is to make the content of your website as “attractive” as possible for search engines and thus increase traffic on your website, which will generate more investment and benefits.

And, through the SEO “OnPage”, you’re going to try to show Google what the purpose of your page is. If you want to stay in good standing with respect to your website, you have to follow the rules pre-established by Google.

How to position my webpage well with the Seo onpage?

In order for your page to appear in the results, Google’s robots must find and classify it. These “robots” (or “bots”) are automated programs that read , extract and archive the content of the pages. What they do is go through the Internet tracking all the links they can find, in order to locate new pages and re-visit those that are already indexed if they have new content. If the robot can not find a page, it does not appear in Google.

When a bot reaches your page it “reads” (indexes) all the content (text, images, links, code …) and stores it in a gigantic database. Later that information will be analyzed to determine the niche to which your page belongs, and the relevance it has within it.

It is recommended that you do not use content created with Flah, Java or Ajax, since robots do not read this information easily, so they would not index it.

The following advice is: take good care of the keywords used, they are very important, although they should be used sparingly and should appear as natural as possible. Your keywords should appear in the content to help Google understand the theme of your pages and improve your SEO positioning. On the other hand, it places bold and underlined throughout the text.

Other tips to improve Seo onpage positioning of your website

Another tool to improve your  SEO onpage is the title, it is one of the most significant factors  to “know” the theme of your pages. And it is that, the title is only shown in the window (or tabs) of your browser, and as you already know in the search results. Let’s suppose if you run a digital marketing agency and you provide a logo design services, if you have specific landing page related to logo design services then you should set your title some like “custom logo design services”, “best logo designing company” or “logo design services”. Keeping it more relevant to your targeted keywords will help you rank on top.


Also, the address (URL) of your pages plays an important role in your SEO  OnPage  mainly in the face of Google. They should contain the keyword and you can avoid using prepositions in them. You should also avoid leaving unconnected numbers or symbols and even underscores.

A good practice to break with reading and which helps positioning is the use of some illustrative image that helps to rest your eyesight, or that acts as a wake-up call. All the images, like the text, are analyzed by Google, and that’s why they also count when it comes to optimizing your website. So you must fill in the fields of the description and the ALT label and enter the keywords in them.

Internal links

Internal links, those that point to pages within your own website, can also help you position. As they transfer authority from one page to another and reinforce its thematic relevance.

Internal links are a great help to get, both your visitors and search engines, discover new related pages within your website. When Google reaches one of your pages, in addition to reading the content and indexing it, it begins to follow the internal links that point to other pages.

These internal links are complemented by external links, are those that are pages outside our own website.

These are some of the best tips to follow so that Google does not forget your website. If you follow them your SEO positioning will improve and you will notice the results in benefits.



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