Emergency Evacuation Supplies and Plans

Emergencies can happen anytime at any place for any individual or group of persons. Although some people who had never seen a disaster may think that they may never face a crisis, it can happen to any person at any place.  

It has been proved that people who plan and prepare themselves for emergencies are less likely to hurt in the situations of disasters. They are also able to reduce the impact of the crisis and can recover quickly if impacted to an extent.


This post share some plans and things for dealing with an emergency situation.

How to create an emergency plan?

The first thing in creating an emergency plan is to decide whom to include in the plan. While creating an emergency plan, you should consider all the members of your family and pets. Don’t forget to add the tenants living in your building.

Types of emergencies


You need to consider all kinds of emergencies that could affect you and your family. Think about the location of your property and the history of that location. Instead of focusing on a single crisis, think broadly about multiple types of emergencies that could affect the area. The most common types of emergencies are floods, earthquakes, wildfire, etc.

How to get information and warning?

You should know where to get the information and warnings on an emergency. Create a list of all the emergency phone numbers like 911 and websites. Also, you should know the process to tune in to an emergency broadcaster.

Where to go if your family needs to evacuate?

People usually need to evacuate a building during an emergency. Your family and other people living in your building should know how to leave and where to gather after evacuation. It is essential to train all the people in your building on how to evacuate safely in case of an emergency. Men should learn how to evacuate women and children from the building.

Professional Training

There is no substitute for professional training. It is best to undergo emergency training from a professional agency. They will teach you how to create an emergency plan and help others to evacuate the place safely. It is best to learn from professionals and teach other people in your building on how to deal with emergencies and disasters.

Emergency Supplies

You must have a kit containing all the emergency supplies and have it ready at a moment’s notice. There are many things that you need to include in your emergency supply kit.


You can pack some non-perishable food items or survival food bars for at least three days. If you don’t want to pack it in your kit, you should have the food items readily available at a moment’s notice.

Portable lamp

In case of an emergency like an earthquake, you need to evacuate the building as soon as possible. If the disaster strikes in the night, you will need a portable lamp for visibility wherever you go.

Solar charger

Usually, the utility supplies are affected during emergencies.  Your cell phones and other devices won’t work without getting charged. A solar charger comes handy in such situations to charge your portable devices.


Put two pairs of clothing for you and your family members to wear until the situations become normal. Consider the climatic conditions and weather in your area while packing the clothing for your family.  

Emergency radio


Emergency radios that can tune into the national news channels that can help you listen to the local and national news. Radio is your best bet in case of an emergency situation to get the updated information on weather and official announcements.

Mylar blankets

Packing full sleeping bags in an emergency kit is not possible. The best alternative to sleeping bags is the mylar blankets. Mylar thermal sheets are waterproof, windproof, and capable of reflecting body heat. Mylar blankets are inexpensive and convenient to store in an emergency kit.

For small kids

It is essential to pack the baby food like infant formula and some diapers if you have a baby. Even if you don’t have a small baby, you should have these items in your kit as you can offer it to someone who needs it in an emergency.

First aid essentials


No emergency supply is complete without a first aid kit. Get a first aid kit that contains painkillers, infection killer solutions, bandages and other medications required in emergency situations. A first aid kit can provide you relief until you approach a physician.

Final Words

Creating an emergency plan and preparing an emergency kit is essential to be ready for any situation. The points mentioned in this post are the most important things one should consider while planning for an emergency situation. However, people should also consider their personal preferences while preparing for an emergency evacuation plan.

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