Do Bollywood Celebrities also wear Gemstones for Better Luck?

Gemstones possess supernatural powers which can control and influence the effects of the astrological stars. People have a strong belief in the magical powers of wearing gemstones. Different gemstones have diverse impacts on different individuals.

When it comes to wearing gemstones, the Bollywood celebrities are no less than any common man. Every now and then, we can see almost every icon of B-town flashing their lucky-charms. The lucky-charms for few of the celebs are their gemstones. Let’s take a quick look on what gemstones Bollywood celebrities wear to usher in luck and happiness in their life. Know more about Significance of Astrology Signs.

Bollywood Celebrities & Their Gemstones


  • Amitabh Bachchan


Amitabh Bachchan wears a Blue Sapphire Ring (Neelam Stone). Few years back, the iconic celebrity was in a huge debt and his career was on an end. But with the advice of an astrologer, Big B started wearing a Blue Sapphire Ring and then the rest is history!!  The gemstone is originally from Jammu and Kashmir with authentic and supernatural powers. He also wears an Opal and Emerald in order to ease his various health related issues.


  • Kareena Kapoor Khan


Kareena Kapoor wears red coral and a pearl. In a number of events and movies she has been spotted wearing the pearl stone and red coral gemstone. She usually never takes them off, if you will notice. Kareena firmly believes in the power of gemstones and apparently believes in astrological powers. The red coral helps her in protecting from negative vibes and also act as a healer and the pearl curbs her aggressive nature and keep her calm.


  • Salman Khan


The luck charm of Salman Khan is his silver bracelet with turquoise gemstone. Salman is wearing this bracelet since years as it was gifted by his father and is very special for hi, The turquoise is meant for warding away all the bad luck and to bring good fortune for the wearer. The turquoise bracelet is also marked as a signature style for Salman Khan.


  • Shilpa Shetty


A continuously failing professional graph with a depressed personal life, Shilpa Shetty was desperately looking for some good fortune in her life. With the advice of her mother, she began wearing an emerald ring and then never looked back again. With the enchanted powers of the ring, she got rid of her agitated and troubled life. After wearing the emerald gemstone ring, she became an international face, married to one of the biggest entrepreneurs of India and now possess a flourished business too.


  • Ekta Kapoor


Ekta Kapoor never felt shy when it was about committing herself as a superstitious believer. When it comes to wearing gemstones, Ekta wears a wide range of rings comprising of Yellow Sapphire, Pearl, Red Coral and Emerald. She immensely believes in the power of gemstones. She had admitted several times that all these gemstones had turned her life around. These gemstones brought fame, courage, abundant level of energy, good fortune and vast recognition in her life.


  • Ajay Devgan


Today, Ajay Devgan carries the personality of Singham, but once the professional graph of Ajay’s career was going downhill. The actor was badly looking for a right direction and good fortune in his life. Ajay Devgan wears a Pearl, a yellow sapphire and an iron ring. It seems that all are working well for his career and personal life. The pearl offers peace of mind and the yellow sapphire is meant for providing good fortune, sound decision-making ability and spiritual evolution to the wearer.

The optimistic and enchanted effects of wearing gemstones are not hidden. The people who believe in them tend to wear these gemstones for good fortune and better luck. People wear different gemstones according to their individual needs and beliefs.

The changes take adequate time to happen. It might take couple of months to realize the actual effects and supernatural powers of the gemstones. If it suits you, then it will bring success in your professional life and happiness in your personal life. So, what are you waiting for? Wear your right gemstone now. However, you should always consult an Astrologer (Talk to astrologer Live Call on 1800-102-1848 Toll Free) before you decide on a particular gem as if a stone is unsuitable for you, then it can have some devastating effects.


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