What Happens To Old Mobile Phones?

Mobile Phone is one of the greatest technology in this world, people adore it, because of it’s such amazing features , that it actually have.

In mobile phone industry, there are a lot of mobile phones which are being used regularly. When a person buys a mobile phone he uses it, and when that mobile is old they sell it! It is the huge example of a human life cycle, we use things when we need it, and when we dont need it anymore, we sell it. This process is  being in use since ages, the main and important reason for this is that when our mobile phone gets old we need to buy a new mobile phone with some of its new features. So that is the main reason behind this cycle!

Have you ever thaught that when ever you sell your old mobile phones what happens to that phone? By the conclusion and research we get to know that some of the old mobile phones which we sell, are recycled! and the other’s are just used by different people. As i know that, i am fond of buying new mobile phones and i use to sell my old phones every year. The short  term description for buying or selling a mobile phones is found in online mobile websites already. If i tell you about myself, there was a time when i was young i use to buy new mobile phones from market, but when i got the opportunity from online sites it made my life much more easier. The story of my life is somehow interesting. I would like to share my personal experience as a blogger, because i want all the people to be really aware of this great opportunity in their life.

Once when i was sitting in my dining  table , thinking to buy a new mobile phone launched in market, as i got my salary plus bonus this month. So when ever i am going to buy or sell a mobile phone i always check it online. That day also, i went to search online to buy that new mobile phone. I checked some of the websites , then i got this website www.sellanymobile.co.uk , it was giving the best rates for buying and selling both. I used this site to buy my very own favourite new mobile, and i was really very happy to find such reasonable rates on this site. I was having two mobiles so i decided to sell my old phone on the same site as it gives the good rates. I sold my old mobile phone here, and it was definately the best experience for me , to buy and sell my mobile phones online.

The discussion is so long , as we all really want to know that what actually happens to our old mobile phones? Ofcourse everyone is willing to know the answer. So yes, the old mobile phones are recycled, sold, reusable and we have much more to do with it , and yes definately it is a true statement. Today in this world old mobile phones are used for recycling in other new mobile’s product, which are also very important for our enviroment because the mobile phone’s product contain huge amount of metal in it, which can be dangerous for our enviroment , as they can produce E-waste in air, which is not good for human life. Well we should all know that when our mobile phone gets old we are suppose to sell it online. I would like to share my experience / story with the people. One day it was my BestFriend’s Birthday near, i was thinking what to gift her as a surprise because i had decide to gift her something really special but the problem was i was not having my salary yet. So i decided to sell my tablet and i again went for online selling i went to google chrome and searched  sell my tablet uk , there were a lot of results, but then i thought i should go for a comparison website as there, i can check sell my tablet compare easily. I again  got the finest website which is already mentioned above, it has a user friendly feature and easy to use. Then i fetched many of the details here and then i sold my tablet on this site at the best price.  I know it was my favourite tablet but i needed some money urgently , that’s why i wanted to sell my samsung tablet on very urgent basis, but i was also  very satisfied from this online website, and i assured myself to always sell my phone on this website.

One of the main thing is even if you sell your mobile phone that is broken, many of its components can still be resued or recycled.  Many mobiles contain small quantity of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and copper. This metal could end up being recycled as jewllery too. According to the cosumer electronics association, average smart phone life expectacy now reaches 4.7 years. This means if you are going to buy a year old mobile phone, you would expect to use it for a few more before perfomance noticeably suffers, and according to my research approximately 350,000 mobile phones are disposed of each day, according to 2010 figures from the EPA that equates to move them 152 million phones thrown away each year. First of all if a person thinks that is it good or safe to sell your old mobile phone?  So let me tell you that  yes, it is totally safe and good too , to sell your mobile phones online, and it has an EMI number which is actually called IMEI number. Here i am gonna give you a example, if a mobile phone is stolen or sentched , the owner can call his or her network provider and instruct them to blacklist the phone by using its IMEI number.

I sometimes think sending my old dusty mobile phone for hard cash, and it is very popular way to make some money. But so many mobile phone companies springing up, it is getting harder to figure out who will give you the best deal for your mobile phone. So that is why i always refer everyone to choose the great feature of the best website , and best deals online.

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