How To Get Rid Of Insects In Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the place where there are a lot of insect pests including fruit flies, cockroaches, spiders and mosquitoes. These annoying insects will turn your bathroom into a scary place instead of a place where you can enjoy and relax. That is the reason why you should find out a measure to get rid of them as soon as possible. So what is the effective way to get rid of insects in your bathroom? Let’s follow us to find the best insect killer.

Some popular insects in the bathroom you should know

.Mosquitoes are intermediate organisms which spread many diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, zika fever or jaundice. Reproductive mosquitoes live in damp and inadequate lighting areas and the bathroom is an ideal place for mosquitoes to stay.


Cockroaches are stinking animals. There are many types of cockroach whose body size is from 3 millimetres to 80 millimetres. The body is usually light brown or black depending on the species. They usually go in damp and dark places. They cause contaminated food and eliminate many diseases that infect humans. Therefore, the most favourable environment for cockroaches is the drainage pipes, kitchen and bathroom.


Fruit flies are attracted by the ammonia smell that toilets are the most abundant places. Therefore, the bathroom has a lot of this type.

How to cope with the insect in your bathroom?

Get rid of cockroach: place a piece of cake mixed baking soda in the corner of the bathroom, near the drainage hatch. After eating this cake, cockroaches will get sick and die.


Get rid of fly: The easiest way is to out a fly sticker on the toilet lid. The fly cannot fly if they get into the sticker. You just need to pack it, put in the trash and replace with other stickers.


Get rid of mosquito: use the vacuum cleaner, turn the highest speed and then toward the area of mosquitoes, they will be sucked into the machine and die. Alternatively, you can use an orange light bulb or wrap an orange paper around the bulb in the bathroom to remove mosquitoes because they are afraid of this light.


Get rid of ant: Mix baking soda with sugar or milk and spread in the corner of the bathroom to trap ants. Similar to cockroaches, ants will quickly die after eating baking soda.


In fact, these measures are only temporary or suitable for cases of not many insects. Therefore,  to kill insects thoroughly, you should follow these tips:


  • Clean your bathroom regularly: you should limit the use of deodorant waxes in the bathroom. Scientists have proven that the chemical wax in the deodorant is not good for your health. The bathroom should have a ventilated window so that air can flow from the inside out and vice versa. You can also use aromatic or cinnamon perfume to make your bathroom have the better smell and restricts insect infiltration. The essential oils are capable of deodorizing very effectively with the natural scent. To deodorize in a certain space, you only need to use essential oils with aroma diffuser and the essential oil lamp. Use alum to get rid of cockroaches
  • Another effective way to kill insects in the bathroom is to use mosquito repellent and spray on the regular habitat of insects. This solution not only eliminates the mosquitoes but can also kill other insects such as flies, cockroaches, ants and other insect pests. When using insecticides, you should note the following for safety:


  • Wear gauze mask and gloves when spraying
  • No smoking and eating during the spray.
  • Do not spray on objects, food and water
  • Wash and change clothes after spraying.
  • Collect the bottles and jars, not using for other purposes.


Getting rid of insects in the bathroom might be time-consuming but it’s not too difficult with our tips above. Actually, you should check carefully to determine which kinds of insect appear in your bathroom, then use several methods together to kill all of them effectively. Hope that the information in this post can help you. Thank you!

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