How should you take care of your car in summer?

Your car needs care and maintenance throughout the year. You must have heard plenty of advice for vehicle protection and maximising fuel efficiency. Regular service is a must have to improve the performance and life of an automobile. However, exceptional care is required in extreme weather condition. Whether its frozen snow or rainwater collection on the roads in winter or its scorching heat and humidity of summer, it can damage your vehicle. Otherwise, you will compromise the performance and safety of passengers during the drive. Extreme of temperatures will affect not only the interior and exterior of the vehicle body, but it also reduces engine performance.

Extended exposure to sunlight and heat can harm the body and reduce the efficiency of daily operations. Below I am sharing essential car maintenance in Dubai you must follow to protect your vehicle from the harsh summer heat.

Service & wash vehicle engine

Salt, water and sand form residue or filth all over the vehicle from the engine to brake lines as soon as the temperature rises from 33 degrees. You should not ignore cleaning these residues before it rusts the engine. Consider scheduling a visit to your mechanic to get your vehicle engine washed and serviced.

Wax exterior body

Waxing is like coating an extra protective layer on your vehicle. Use of good quality product will prevent your car body from sun damage and scratches. A waxed surface is easy to clean. It doesn’t let dust, pollens, bug splatter and bird droppings to destroy original paintwork. Wax will work as a protective coating and shield paint from sun damage.

Limit extended exposure to sunlight

Despite sounding simple, limiting prolonged exposure to sunlight is exceptionally beneficial. If you carelessly park your vehicle under the sun without sun shields, it will ruin the interiors like plastic part of dashboard and fabric of seat covers. Initially colour starts to fade and cracks appear on the surface. In addition to parking under shade, keep the vehicle clean and use a good quality protectant for car interiors. Tint window glasses or use sunshades to eliminate direct exposure to UV rays.



Reduce the risk of car battery draining

Batteries contain water and acid to maintain the regular flow of current in a vehicle engine, extremes of temperatures can drain the water. When the temperature rises, water will evaporate, which eventually expose the lead plates and cause corrosion in connections and terminals.  Use of sealed battery is not the solution to this problem. Sealing will stop evaporation, but it fails to stop selling. Swelled batteries are risky as they tend to crack due to expansion. Regular cleaning of terminals and replacing old batteries are the best ways to avoid draining issues.

Check vehicle’s fluid

Vehicles contain a variety of fluid to deliver a smooth ride. Coolant and engine oil are the standard fluids every car need. Don’t forget to check the condition of fluid while checking its level. If it looks rusty, discoloured or contaminated with particles, replace it immediately. Only clean coolant will prevent overheating in summer. Consider inspecting the oil texture while checking the level to avoid wear and tear of the engine.

Service air conditioner

Thoroughly check air conditioner and air filters at the start of summer. Check air filters to remove dirt and dust clogs to maintain proper airflow. Also, clean outdoor condenser and coils and inspect drain line for the clogs. Replace anything which is unable to clean and repair to ensure proper functioning of air conditioning system.

Endnote: Summer car maintenance in Dubai is inevitable to continue offering smooth and comfortable rides in dry and hot weather. Following this protocol will help car owners to protect their vehicle from adverse side effects.

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