Etna: A Destination to Visit Absolutely

Planet Earth is a beautiful place with a large number of astonishing destinations that all should see at least once in a lifetime. From the Maldivian Islands to Antarctic, it has so much to show. Those places stay forever in the memories of people who have visited them. And the Etna Volcano is also one of those extraordinary destinations. It is placed in Sicily and presents the tallest volcano in Europe that has roughly 3.320 meters.

Besides, Etna may become dangerous sometimes, as any other active volcano. It can explode and jeopardize people that live closely. It happens from time to time, but fortunately, nothing overly serious has happened so far. This volcano is very active and a large amount of smoke is often visible even from a long distance. Catania is a town closest to Etna, and from that place, you can see the mountain clearly.

If you to visit the volcano, you should come to the town first. You can continue from there more easily than from some other place. The mountain itself does not have just one big hole with lava and smoke but hundreds of small holes spread all over Etna. Some of these holes are inactive for a very long time, and you can come very close, watch and move next to them. It is important to know that this is a big mountain and the temperature is sometimes quite low.

Pay Attention to Clothes and Shoes

There are snow and ice on the top almost all the time during a year, so you should bring appropriate clothes. Also, pay attention to footwear. You will walk a lot, and you do not want to injure your feet and legs. So take comfortable shoes. You will need to travel by bus or car firstly, and when you come to the beginning of the mountain, you will continue walking. When you hit the right place, you will see lava streams and that is definitely an extraordinary experience.

Not so many people have a chance to see lava every day, but on Etna, they can even collect it. When they come there, they will quickly realize Etna is the best destination to visit. Also, you can use a cable car to reach higher highs and to see the mountain and the town below from a better perspective. However, it is not free, and you have to pay for the service, but the price is quite reasonable.

Tourists Are Always Safe

All potential eruptions and explosions are predictable, and the experts constantly follow the behavior of the volcano. They are able to estimate when the eruption is going to happen, and tourists cannot visit the mountain during those periods. If you want to visit Etna, you should not worry about its activity. There are people who think about you and other visitors, and they know when the volcano is going to become active again. All of this is the reason why trekking on the Etna mount has become an unforgettable experience for many. You should feel it yourself.

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