Best lipsticks in makeup town

There are so many lipsticks brands out there. All you need to do is just one click on the name but how do you know what’s in trend and what’s out of the trend. We are here to tell you what lipstick is good for what kind of skin tone or what you should go for.

Liquid lipsticks:

These are not going out of trend; they’re matte, water-proof and sometimes even kiss proof. It’s true that people are mostly using this. Liquid lipstick is maybe the hardest way to apply lipstick if you’re not a pro in this because it’s dry really fast and mess up super quick but once it’s done it’s not going anywhere for whatsoever. If you’re a professional makeup artist then you know what you should go for. There are some super affordable and perfect liquid lipstick brands. Maybelline ink liquid lipstick is offering the best smudge-proof and water-proof lipsticks. Maybelline is a top known brand for almost 2-3 years now; they’re stepping there game up. You can find from nudes to reds and all your favorite lipsticks.

The original lipstick:

We’re talking about the original lipsticks and these are the bullets one. These are easy to apply with a brush, your fingers or straight from the bullet. They come in mattes, semi-mattes, glossy and satin finish. The whole range from A to Z and all the companies from save to splurge are making these. You can afford or spend a lot on them but they’re going to remain the same. You can find different dupes for them and you can also every shade in the world you want. The best lipsticks are from Maybelline, artdeco, max factor or you can even go for tomford, YSL, charlotte tilbury and more high-end brands.

Powder lipsticks:

So recently some brand tried to make the powder lipsticks. The main reason to make this in powder form is to last all day and it’s like packing it on your lips and it’s not going to move anyway. Powder lipsticks are not really in trend but some of the youtubers gave it a try and it’s a yes from them. It’s going to take some time before every brand will make powder lipsticks.

What lipstick for your skin tone:

The undertone story is difficult to understand if you don’t have some kind of knowledge about makeup. When you choose the wrong shade of foundation, too light blush or too dark bronzer that means you’re not good with skin-tones. For that there are some guidance videos for you to get on point and understand what your skin tone is.

In the end you’re beautiful in your own way, it’s all good and everything suits you well.

Where to buy?

Check for the whole range of lipsticks, everyone wants to have some affordable make-up products because come on who likes to splurge on a lipsticks that much? We’re promising the best comparison between the high-end and drugstore brand on one page. From cheapest to highest we’ve a whole range. All the lipsticks and more makeup products here are also available on incredible price range.

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