4 Most Frustrating Passengers’ Habits

It’s fun to hang out with friends and family especially when it’s the long journey and a road trip. Well, it can be fun for the passenger but not for drivers all the time. In fact, the drivers often happen to deal with ill-mannered passengers making the journey full of irritation and arguments. According to the stats, 33% of the driver’s experienced a row with passengers with 15% asked them to leave the vehicle.

From criticizing the driving to giving wrong direction, the passenger behaviors can grind your gears. This might even put you at an increased risk of an accident especially when consistently arguing with the passenger while driving on the fast lane. Therefore, here’re some most annoying passenger habits that you must already be aware of and deal with them accordingly. So let’s dive in;

Backseat Driving

You happen to deal with unwanted advice from people thinking they could do a better job. Passengers should understand that if they are not driving, they shouldn’t be commenting rater criticizing the person who is. Things like asking to speed up or slow down, commenting on your parking skills or when you’re too close to another car, etc., backseat driving happens to be the most irritating passenger habits. Not to mention, it gets very distracting for the driver leading to near-misses & collisions even if it causes them to become stressed.


It happens to be another common gripe for drivers. This is often due to the untidy passenger who spill drinks, leave crumbs on the seat, litter and get in the car with dirty shoes. Such passengers can be a real cause of annoyance. Not only it shows a lack of respect for your vehicle, but also you’ll have to spend extra time tidying your car or get it cleaned. To prevent these inconvenient situations, you must establish a clear no food, drink or dirty shoes rule, and make sure to have car bins.

Changing the music 

People love listening to music or maybe even the radio during long journeys. In case you’ve got a selected playlist or radio station that you are willing to listen to while driving, there’s nothing more frustrating than someone changing it or perhaps trying to have control of the music without permission. Worst part! They might even hum along or sing badly to songs, which is another most annoying passenger habit.


Poor Directions

Another great benefit of having another person travelling with you in the car is that he/she might be able to help you with the direction in case you get stuck due to some reason. However, this positive perception of your or the responsibility of your passenger can often time go wrong. This – most of the time – leads to in-car quarrels between drivers & passengers. Whether it’s due to not paying attention to route or due to the bad quality of tires, or perhaps not reading the map properly, poor navigation will rub the driver up on the wrong way.

While heading for long journeys, make sure your vehicle is in order like car tyre are adequately inflated, fill the tank and have your car health check done.


Do you want to learn more about the most annoying passenger’s habits? Just check out the article now.

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